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Free Report

Your complimentary, personalized report is an intuitive view into your unique personality style. It includes:

  • Your "General Description" highlighting your keyword name, general characteristics, personal preferences, and behavioral qualities as seen by yourself as well as the perception of others.
  • A "snapshot" of your characteristics and motivations.
  • "Food for Thought" statements serving as guide for your continued self growth.
  • Your "Power Statement" presenting a high-level, aerial view of your personality style.
  • Click this link to see sample content from a free report: Download Sample Free Report

Upgraded, Personalized Report:

Your upgraded, personalized report includes all information found in the complimentary report, plus:

  • An introduction to the "Universal Language of Personality". This is the personality- typing method used to accurately assess your personality style.
  • A description of your three personality graphs which are critical to understanding how you see yourself, how others see you, and how you react under stress and pressure.
  • Keyword descriptions that highlight your personality style traits as measured by their intensity on your personality style graphs.
  • How you communicate in general
  • Tips for communicating with all styles
  • Communication do's and don'ts for your particular style
  • Compatibility of your style with other styles
  • Your value to your community or your team
  • Your greatest fear, motivational characteristics, how you analyze information, and your reaction to pressure
  • Areas for self growth and improvement
  • Your key strengths in leadership and leadership graph
  • Click this link to see an example of a full report: Download Sample Full Report

Note: You should just upgrade your report for an eye-opening, learning experience!

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